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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

When we first came to the Las Vegas valley more than  30 years ago, we had already been painting homes in the Beverly Hills Area for more than 15 years. We were excited to take our painting experience here to Las Vegas as we knew there was about to be something special going on around here. Well over a million people added and a city that has more than doubled in size since our arrival we were right. It has been an honor and pleasure to be here during it all. In that time we have been inside and outside of houses. The homes of our clients dream have been built and we have been fortunate enough to be the painters putting the finishing touches on them. We have also played a large role in painting commercial developments, casinos, huge  home owners associations and more. Some of the apartment complexes we originally painted when they were built, we have gone back to and painted again for there redevelopment into condominiums. We did all floors in panorama towers , hotel in lake las vegas,eastern and serene home depot center, walmart center on sunset and marks,centennial center sams club walmart andvarious casinos across town

Over that time we have built up the size of work we can do too. Thirty years ago in the business it was hard for us to secure bonding and insurance for a thirty thousand dollar job. Now we can comfortable bid any job up to the size of a million dollars, it seems unreal when you think of where you come from and where we are now. Time, experience, learning and understanding what our clients want and need all gather up the bank of knowledge that lends to our continued success. We stand behind all work we do and all exterior jobs come with a minimum 10 year warranty if not longer with additives  we can use in the paint to prolong the warranty of  each job.  Doing jobs the right way  makes it easy to deal with our insurance company as we have time and time again been successfully painting large scale construction jobs and remodels and have never had to file a clam . This never means we forget about the smallest of the jobs though. We have crews dedicated to helping any home and home owner, jobs big and small.


Our painters are more than qualified  for any and all aspects of painting being each employee has been with the company for years and whos knowledge on any situation helps in many ways. all of our painters speak english and if you dont im sorry as we dont speak spanish. Painting  is what we do every day and our quite good at our job . We will make and turn your house into the home you want to call yours . We are efficient, good and excited to give your home a fresh coat of love we call paint! We are your Las Vegas Painting Professionals.