"Painting will allow you to come home to what you love and makes you Happy..."

That happiness will be the smile from admiring your own home.

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Las Vegas Painting

When we first came to the Las Vegas valley more than twenty years ago, we had already been painting homes in the Beverly Hills Area for more than ten years. We were excited to take our painting experience here to Las Vegas as we knew there was about to be something special going on around here. Well over a million people added and a

Painting Blog

Really.  A blog for a painter? Of course, it is where we can share our success stories of a painters world that is here in Las Vegas.

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Remember back in 1985 you put the most stylish wallpaper you had ever seen and every...


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We Paint… It is what we do and have been doing for over thirty two years now. It...

Hi, I am your Las Vegas Painter

After 32 years, some would call me an expert, I personally think I am just a good...